December 9, 2010

Quick Rant: It's December And He's Still Wearing Shorts

From Erin, who doesn't wanna see his gams right now. I mean, come on! It's fucking cold out.
Haha. They changed North Face to Fuck Face.
Listen dude, I don't care how hot it can get on the 6 train during rush hour, there is no reason to wear stupid khaki shorts in NYC in the middle of December, especially paired with a puffy North Face jacket. He looks like an uneven grape.
His athlete's foot-looking Adidas flip-flops with the massaging sole don't help the situation. We're not on vacation in Cancun, and even if we were, his outfit would still feel mildly embarrassing.

I wanna know what motivates these guys to look like complete idiots. Are they afraid that their thighs look fat when paired with some nice Dickies or Dockers? Do they ride a specialized bike with a chain on both sides that keeps ripping holes in those Levi's? WHYYYY?

No, I think they are just trying to prove a nonsensical point about how tough they are when it's 7 degrees, the wind is biting into their kidneys and the snow has found it's way into the spaces between their toes. Yup, that's tough kid, real tough.


Anonymous said...

I've always thought that it stems from a complete ignorance that some guys face when trying to dress themselves. If they don't have a girlfriend to take that ridiculous costume off, they don't ever see the problem. And usually, if when you point out the obvious situation, they STILL don't see the problem.

Ignorance... is only bliss for these clueless fellas. It's torture for anyone who has to witness it.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck do you care what people wear? Some of us actually LIKE cold and complain, per your missive above, when it gets over 75.

And, yes. I went out in shorts and flip flops here in Edmonton when it was -24. I'm not remotely trying to prove I'm "tough." I find it to be quite comfortable.

Metro sexuals and women care about fashion and clothing choices, not normal men. No, metro sexuals are NOT normal men.


Anna said...

Haha. Who cares about other people caring about what they wear? Have fun in yer shorts!

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