January 29, 2011

He's Got Some HUGE BALLS Showing Up Here With Her

Don't even tell me that he's here with her. Let me just say that he must have some rhino-sized balls on him to show up with her here. His balls must be bigger than--fuck, I don't know--what's big? They must be bigger than Snooki. They must be two stupid, sweaty Snookis hanging from his stupid fucking crotch to show up here. Where'd he get the nerve? I can't even. Am I really seeing this? Is this happening?

Oh, hell no. Hell fucking no. I mean, I'm seeing it with my eyeballs so I know it's happening but WHAT THE FUCK, right? He knows I'm here all the time. And, he'd bring her here? Like this? Parading her around MY favorite bar? I can't even deal with it.

No, don't say anything. Stay here. Just laugh like I said something funny. "Haha! I know, totally." Don't look! Keep laughing. I'll tell you when you can look. Hold on. "Yeah, like I was saying before that movie was such a riot. Haha!" Alright, now you can look.

It's fucked up, right? Am I the only one who understands JUST HOW fucked up this is that he'd bring her here? Jesus Christ. I wanna punch him in his smug little face. Wait, keep laughing. He's looking over at us. "HAHA!" 

God, he is such an ASSHOLE.


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