March 27, 2011

The Word On The Street Is That It's My Birthday Today

And, it's totally true! I'll assume that you're sending me well-wishes mentally right now.

This is an accurate picture of me enjoying my day:

So, in honor of my birthday, I'm going to post about my favorite thing ever: adorable short guys. I'll pause for cheers.

I wish I could have a huge birthday cake with a ton of short guys standing around nervously checking their iPhones as the candles. That'd be the hugest, squirelliest, cutest cake EVER! Could you imagine? I want so many short guys on my cake that they'd have to consult the Guinness Book of World Records to see if this was the most short guys ever assembled in one place checking their smartphones. I want to see guys like this:

How amazing would that be?

This is a great idea. Right, Kevin Arnold?

What do you think, Oprah? This is gonna be awesome, right?


Whatever. Party pooper.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday a million times!

Anonymous said...

happy birth!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Anna! Your blog is the first one i check everyday, love it.

That cake sounds AWESOME. Have always been down with the short dudes!

Diane said...

Happy birthday! Hope you're loving it! Thanks for continuously making a super entertaining blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

Was going to send you this card but the company lied... it's not free.


Also, you share a birthday with my younger sister. And by younger, think she just turned 45.

So yeah, you still are a babe.


Allan Smithee

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!

This blog is definitely one of my favorite things. Keep on being awesome!

Anna said...

Thanks, you guys!

Josh said...

Happy Belated Birthday FROM a short guy. I assume 5' 6 is short, right?

Anyway, glad to read that we make someone's day.

Anna said...

Thanks, Josh! For me, 5'6 is purrrrfect. That's my favorite height on a man. Guys like you not only make my day, but make my entire calendar. Cheers!

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