June 21, 2011

It Has Come To My Attention That This Date Has Quickly Deteriorated Into Us Just Showing Each Other Our Favorite YouTube Videos

TV party tonight
How was your date? It was awesome.
We sat around and stared at the computer.
Around the second bottle of wine, he made a joke about some British TV show that I'd never seen. Since I didn't know what he was talking about he said, "Where's your computer? I'll show you." It only took about ten seconds to find the video he wanted. He seemed pleased with that.

After I saw the clip, I had to show him my favorite Mighty Boosh clips. That led us into watching some IT Crowd clips and that's when our night took a sharp turn into a winding rabbit hole characterized by long loading times and grainy video footage.

Before long, we were watching all sorts of wacky shit: Sifl & Olly, Get A Life, Tenacious D. Then we started digging deep and finding totally off-the-wall bullshit. We were tipsy so we cracked up as we tried to impress each other with zanier and more outrageous videos.

It was fun, don't get me wrong, but yeah, our date was basically showing each other YouTube clips. GOD that sounds so dorky! I mean, our date was basically what bored sixth-graders with cool basements do. All I need is an 11pm curfew and a sugar high from chugging soda to round this night out. Hell, why don't we toss in a beanbag chair and a lava lamp while we're at it? Let's act like the mall is closed and we're avoiding our algebra homework too.


nick said...

guilty, and loved it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds perfect.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha I actually did the same thing with my boyfriend two days ago. My vids were cooler

Nicole said...

you just described my marriage

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