June 9, 2011

Pics and Vids: "I Just Really Love Cats!"

Any guys out there want a shot with her? She seems well-adjusted.

h/t to my buddy Todd for this one.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, this is actually a comedy video. One of her other two videos got taken down today "for hate speech." I saw it before it went down, and agree it was a over the top, even compared to the one where she portrays "Siamese twins who are also best friends."

Anonymous said...

she's cute.

Anonymous said...


i was tipped off by the bad name 'debbie'

Victoria said...

Fake or not, it's well done. Hilarious. "I love to run... sorry, I'm thinking about cats again!" LOL.

Justin said...

Not to mention the camera operator is laughing. Fake or not, it's hilarious. I thought women didn't get this way about cats until they're fuckin' 100?

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