June 8, 2011

Quick Rant: I Don't Wanna Dance With Him Anymore

Oh, dear! What is he doing? Can't he just move his body to the beat? Does he have to wriggle around like a decapitated earthworm? What the fuck? 

I'm trying to match his vibe and pick up on the groove, but I might as well be trying to hula hoop on the wing of an airplane during takeoff.

I'll look away and smile which he might mistake for me being coy, but really it's a nervous tick because he's twisting his body around like he's possessed by the devil. The worst part is that he thinks he's a good dancer. Dude, that is not the case. Are we in a seance? Is he channeling the dead? I feel like I have front row seats to an amateur interpretive dance competition.

That's it. I can't hang with this. Is this song over yet? Fuck it. I'm gonna get another beer.


fille en ville said...

So true! I also hate it when guys approach you while you're dancing with the gals and they try to strike up a convo. "Where are you from?" What do you do?" Annoying! I often pretend the music is too loud to hear them and casually try to shift my way across the floor...further...and further away...

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