July 10, 2011

Not To Be A Creep, But I Would Have This Man's Babies No Questions Asked

I would have his child in a heartbeat. And, I'm sure our baby would be born in Nike sneakers, puffy pants tucked into white athletic socks and a badass attitude just like his papa. Our son would emerge from my womb with a tiny guitar in his tiny hands, strumming the chords to "Johnny B. Goode" as he made his way down the birth canal. How cool would that be?


And, not to be a creep, but I would give up cable TV for five years just to be able to run my fingers through Michael J. Fox's hair. I bet it's softer than Falcor's fur. Fuck. I need a cold shower STAT.

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mmmcheeseburgers said...

he used to own a farm in the town in VT where i grew up, he was the NICEST person ever. and so wee. and he was supposed to speak at my high school graduation but his flight was canceled, so they got the pilot on the phone to explain that over the intercom, during the ceremony instead of MJF himself.

in summation, he's dreamy.

meganpatricia said...

OMG I was just watching BTTF last night and thinking the same thing!!! He's my dream man. E from Entourage is a good update for the next generation.

Suze said...

I agree with basically each of these sentiments. Can't get much better than MJF: BTTF edition.

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