July 8, 2013

This Wednesday: Ladies' Night at American Sardine Bar With Your Hosts, Me and Shade Flipper, Mark Regan!

First we flipped our shades at him, and now we're gonna get all up in his grill: Join me as we whoop it up with Mark Regan for Ladies Night at American Sardine Bar.

From Meal Ticket:
This Wednesday, July 10th, American Sardine Bar's Scott Dog Pop Up series continues with a very special Ladies Night. South Philly Tap Room sous (and hottest chef in Philly runner-up) Mark Regan is teaming up with author-screenwriter-funny-lady-blogger Anna Goldfarb of Shmitten Kitten fame for an evening of aphrodisiac eats in the romantic back garden of ASB‎ (1800 Federal St.). 
The pair is promising free hugs along with a very good lookin' menu - think Mexican octopus cocktail and Bloody Maria oysters and fresh lavender cocktails. Seating at 6:30 p.m., menu rolls out at 7 p.m. and the party will move upstairs if the weather doesn't cooperate. 
Oyster, bloody Maria, cucumber... 2 each 
Chicken liver mousse, ginger pickled beets... 4 
Mexican octopus cocktail... 7 
Farro, roast tomato, arugula, feta, black olive dressing... 5 
Grilled lamb rib, black pepper BBQ, pickled radish, mint... 8 
Blueberry donut. Spiced cream cheese... 6 
Hugs... Free

[Meal Ticket: Ladies Night Pop Up at ASB with Mark Regan & Shmitten Kitten]


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