October 3, 2008

This Week: The Change Up

So, I was looking back over some photos lately and I was snickering at all the different scenes I dipped my toes into over the years. In high school, I was a little punk rocker. I think I still have my studded belt haunting the corners of my closet and a cardboard box full of show flyers in my parents' attic.

In college, I was all about hardcore punk and I had the requisite camouflage cargo pants and high ponytail to prove it. That was until I discovered emo, when I dyed my hair black and got Bettie Page bangs. After college, I pretty much stopped caring about that kind of stuff and just settled into being me; a mishmosh of not giving a fuck and caring a little bit now and again.

But, I remember how I tried on all these different looks and immersed myself in all these different scenes, sometimes because my boyfriend at the time was into it too. Then, I thought about the times I got way into a scene because I wanted to impress a particular guy with my vast knowledge of, say, the the Victory Records catalog or how I knew the Jade Tree band roster. So, for this week, I wanted to write about how sometimes we change our interests in order to hit it off with a dude; the Change Up, if you will.

What's the most crazy thing you've gotten into in order to impress a dude? Drop us a line at hi@shmittenkitten.com and let us know. We promise to not laugh too hard when you tell us.


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