April 13, 2009

The Bike/Skate/Web Nerd: Jonathan Finnegan

Why He's A Nerd: Jonathan, aka Haveboard, is a veritable Renaissance nerd. He's got mad skillz, as the kids say. He's like the Bo Jackson of Philly: he can bike, skate, and surf the Web all at the same time. I know, we're impressed too.

Aside from managing a blog about skateboarding, he also built the sites broketape.com and fabrichorse.com. As part of the Philadelphia Bicycle Club, he rides with his crew, Brutaltron. And, he's a Mummer to boot. Schwing!

Why You Should Vote For Him: He's basically a nerd on wheels. Look at that face. Every party should have this guy hanging out, sipping a cocktail and classing up the joint.


Llenrock Group said...
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Carrie Collins said...

Hell yea Fin Fin!

dsfsdfs said...

haha, awesome. i voted for you!

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