April 13, 2009

The Music Nerd: Questlove

Why He's A Nerd: In true nerd fashion, let's answer the question as a math problem:

Supertalented musician as the drummer of The Roots
Knows volumes about music
Has the most laid-back personality and the best hair in the biz
The ringleader of Jimmy Fallon's house band
Makes the most mundane tweets seem interesting
One Hot Philly Nerrrd

Why You Should Vote For Him: Could you imagine how amazing he'd be to date? If you had a bad day at work, he'd listen to your rant, nodding along, interjecting with a few, "What??"s and "No she didn't!"s in all the right places. Then he'd pour you some red wine while he dims the lights. He'd play the most perfect jazz records on the stereo. He'd be all like, "Come here, baby. Let me rub your feet." I'm getting really relaxed just thinking about it. I can...barely...type. *snore* Wait, where were we? Oh yeah, dating Questlove. Yeah. We bet it would rule.


tomg said...

Like life, Questlove's inclusion is not fair.

Jeffrey Heinbach said...

M. Questlove,
First of all, hi. I like your stuff.
Secondly, I served you ice cream about a year and a half ago. You got a classic split. Your friend got two scoops of hydrox cookie n a waffle cone with strawberry topping.
Nerd out,

FirstPersonArts said...

Also, don't forget: Photo-documented history of nerdiness from way back, so you know it's not a contemporary pose: http://malcolmxpark.org/?p=1174

Anonymous said...

My friend made out with him. BITCH.

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