September 10, 2009

Little Known Fact: I Can Type And Apply Mascara At The Same Time

As anyone who has glanced at this site briefly for the past few weeks should know, tonight is our first Mix Tape Speed Dating party. A huge thanks to everyone that's pre-registered and offered their suggestions for songs.

Big ups to the Weekly and the City Paper for giving us love. Thanks to everyone that's emailed and tweeted and facebooked about it. We really appreciate it!

If you are around, stop by the Khyber around 7pm tonight to see what the fuss is about. The first round starts at 7:45pm and we go til about 9:30pm. It's free to hang out, it only costs money to participate. You have any questions about it, refer to the FAQs. If you can't make it tonight, don't sweat it because we'll be throwing three more.

Ok. I have my favorite dress on and I have my iPod loaded up with your favorite '90s Alternative jamz (whatever that means). Apparently, I can NOT put on tights and type at the same time so I have to scoot. Hope to see y'all tonight!


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