November 4, 2009

Pics and Vids: I Have To Think That The Alliance Is Going To Frown On This

I'm gonna toss some math at you:
Red spandex + polyphonic ringtones + floppy moobs + living in your mom's basement + sending away for a magic kit in the mail + American flag = the best three and a half minutes I've spent today.
Here we are now, Magician Devlin, entertain us.

I wonder if he'd make a special appearance at our dance party on Sat., Nov. 14th at National Mechanics? I'd pay him up to $50 to do it!


Diane said...

oh wow. i can't believe i watched the whole thing. the scene transition at 2:41 was particularly unfortunate...

Fashion By He said...

awesome site, rachel actually turned me on to it today!!


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