December 30, 2009

Unscientific Poll: New Year's Resolutions, Shmitten Kitten-Style

We're not really one for new year's resolutions. For one thing, we hate rules. We feel like a juvenile delinquent for saying this, but our rule is to not follow rules, man! However, in an effort learn from our (repeated) mistakes, we thought we'd take a shot at telling you our new year's resolutions when it comes to dating. That's our first resolution. You can cross it off the list. Here's what else we vowed:
Julie G: My new year's dating resolution is to delete all the superfluous dudes out of my phone so there's less chance I'll make the same horrible mistake twice (or three times!) if I limit my ability to text those effers.

Jon K: "Hey dickhead, stop fucking up." That sounds both apt and unreasonable enough to be a solid resolution.

Bianca: My resolution is to date a dude who owns a dog. Why? Because if I'm single again at some point in the new year, I'm now down three dudes who love their cat more than they will ever love me.

Phil: I suppose my new year's resolution for dating this year is to step outside my box a little more.  I've been hanging out with the same folks in the same small city in the same bars every weekend and then complaining that I'm not meeting any new people.  I need to accept the invitations to the weird events, go to new bars, see new bands, and try new things.

My other less serious new year's resolution is to make out on my roof.  I have a really awesome roof.

Anna: My new year's resolution is to stop accepting Facebook invitations from guys I've only met once. It's starting to clutter up my already annoying FB experience. I don't wanna see pics of him chugging beers with his buds in dank rooms or mugging with drunk girls in random bars. My newsfeed looks like snapshots of parties I don't want to go with people I wouldn't want to hang out with. Blah.

Lauren G: My new year's resolution is to not let my horoscope rule my dating life and to stop canceling dates just because Mercury is in retrograde. Oh, and also to stop admitting that I read my horoscope religiously.

Lora: My new year's resolution is to stop doing The Change Up with my new dude. He doesn't know that I despise his idol, Michael Jackson, and I don't think I can keep it a secret any longer.  It's bad enough he's on the radio non-stop since his death, but if I hear him from my bf's iPod one more time I might rip my eardrums out. Sorry to all you MJ fans out there, but I need to be true to myself in 2010.

Lauren F: I think my resolution is to avoid men who text, email or Facebook me grammatically incorrect or misspelled messages, as in: "let me no wen ur in town again so we can kick it."

Baby J: My new year's--and hopefully forever resolution--is to stop going on dates with guys I know that I'm not attracted to simply for a challenge.
What's your new year's resolution? Leave 'em in the comments.


Allan Smitheel said...

"When Love Was Clean Underwear"

Think I'm going to turn this book title into some sort of new year's resolution though this couple seems to be doing just fine without it.

Jilly B said...

Well, I've already started my new years resolution with the new guy I'm dating. I always thought I knew exactly the type I liked and would not date out of that type. I've met someone completely different and it looks like a change is exactly what I needed.

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