February 17, 2010

Ugh! There Is Nowhere In My Internet Life That I Can Complain About You!

We're Facebook friends, you follow me on Twitter, and you subscribe to my blog updates in your RSS reader. You are stalking my entire Internet life! Where am I supposed to make thinly-veiled complaints about you?

Do I have to start some secret, password-protected blog where I can vent about all the stupid things you do, like how you still have a Hotmail email address and you drive like an asshole? It's killing me!

I just want to complain about you to the anonymous masses in a place you'll never see it. Is that too much to ask? Maybe I gotta take this complaining business underground. I need a Fight Club situation where me and a bunch of people can all go and complain about people without them ever finding out who did it.

Well, the site Ex-Boyfriend Dead Letter Office is a good start. It's basically a complainers anonymous meeting. You can anonymously submit letters you'd write to your exes. It's really fun. And cathartic. Try it out!


Anonymous said...

Livejournal! I <3 making friends-locked entires AND creating creepy filters.

Anonymous said...

You said it - I hope your exes don't read this post!

Anna said...

Trust me, they will!

Anonymous said...

What happened to good old pen and paper journals. Must everything be procast? Vent it out on paper and share it with your best friend. Drawing the pen accross the paper does half the work for you.

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