March 7, 2010

Reader Submitted Bonerkiller: His Preventative Hair Loss Shampoo

We swear, we're like the David Hasselhoff of dating blogs because German readers seem to love us. With that said, this is submitted from our German reader, Rebecca. Yes, this is from Germany. HOW COOL IS THAT?
I'm at your place to cook dinner with you and we're having a great time. You are doing great: you know enough about cooking to not look like a totally helpless dude, yet you show the right amount of appreciation for my awesome cooking skills and slip in some self-confidence boosting, "Wow, that's how you do it?" comments. Awesome. The wine's good too, but after a while I have to hit the restroom. 
Yikes. There it is, staring at me from the shelf over your bathroom sink: your Alpecin Shampoo. Yes, I have noticed your somewhat regressing hair line, but it's not too bad and you have a lot of other cute things going on for you. But this shampoo if forcing me to confront the top of your head.
Ok, I also use some products that are supposed to compensate for my shortcomings, but that shampoo on your shelf is a total turn-off. I feel sorry for your genetic disadvantage and I even feel bad for feeling bad about this. Unfortunately, I can't help it. Every time I look at you now I have to look at your hair (or what's left of it). Even though you're smiling at me and look really cute now, behind that smile your shampoo is staring at me. It says, "Just wait a bit and he's gonna look ten years older." And, there's an image floating around, too, where your pretty smile is surrounded by a monk-like tonsure. Yuck. 
So I'm not sure if there will be a next time that I will come over. But if there is, please do me a favor and give your shampoo a hiding spot in some random cupboard. I promise I won't look for it!
She totally went there! Ha! We love it!


Anonymous said...

Ow. What's the consensus regarding dandruff-control shampoo?

Anonymous said...

Just plain petty. The dude wants to hang on to whats left of his hair. Get over it.

Anna said...

She's not saying he can't use it, just that it affects her perception of him when she sees it. Hey, she's being honest!

Anonymous said...

Does this lady hide all the products she uses "to compensate for [her] shortcomings"? Yes she's being honest, honest about her pettiness. I'd be more worried about the dude that actually hid his Rogaine-type products than a dude who's got shampoo in his shower cause that's what he uses in order to feel good about himself and present the best him that he can. Should he be ashamed? Should he think less of her when he uses her restroom and sees whatever product she uses to try to make herself look nice for herself and him? Sorry, not buying this really pathetic excuse to not see someone. If she was attracted to him before, shouldn't that be good enough? Looks like she's not into him or has her own issues.

loey said...

This anonymous person sounds a bit defensive. No one wants to see any of that shit (hair loss shampoo, wart remover, razor, etc) when in a date's bathroom. If a date is coming over, you should hide everything except the soap, hand towels and toilet paper. Otherwise it's a little too real for A FIRST DATE. This applies to everyone.

We're not talking about committing to someone for life, just imagining them naked. It's not too much to ask.

Rebecca said...

Just one thing up front: Yes, petty Germans did listen to David Hasselhoff once upon a time (shame shame), but to my defense - DH stopped being cool over here shortly after I was born ;)

I did go on seeing this guy for a while, so don't worry. But come on, I don't put the "cellulitis reducing body lotion" right on the shelf over the sink on a date either, do I? It's not his fault he's got hair loss (that is genetic, isn't it?) - rationally I have nothing against him using that, but seeing it made me concentrate on the hair, which I hadn't done otherwise. Just a bit too much information for the start ;)

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