April 12, 2010

Attention Weekend Warriors: Start This Weekend Off Right

It's gonna feel like this for your ears
I, aka Anna aka DJ Goy Toy, am deejaying happy hour at Johnny Brenda's this Friday, April 16. It's from 5pm-10pm which is a lot of hours to get happy and I intend to use all of them to the full legal limit.

I'm gonna take everyone on a magic journey through space and time as I dazzle you with obscure monk chants. Not really. I'll mostly play music that you probably already own and already know most of the words to the songs. Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Jawbreaker, Descendents, early Metallica, '60s soul; it's all gonna get played. It'll be a fantastic soundtrack to sip lagers to. 

I know we're all over replying to Facebook invites, but if you're gonna come let us know and if you have any requests, write 'em on the wall or leave 'em in the comments. Is it Friday yet?


Anonymous said...

Will you be hanging out too or just being anti-social behind the decks?!

Anna said...

Ha! We clearly haven't met yet. I'll be sotally tocial, dude. Come up and say hi!


Anonymous said...

Will do, but do I have to wear sunglasses and white swimming trunks?

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