April 6, 2010

Reader Submitted Bonerkiller: Sneaker Pimps

From our reader Danielle, who thinks this whole trend of dudes wearing sneakers with their suit needs to get the boot.
What is the deal with dudes who wear sneakers to work? Like, sneakers with their suit? When they get to the office are they changing into a pair of pumps or heels? Is is really that much more uncomfortable to walk to work in your nice work shoes than a grimy pair of tennis shoes from 1983?

And now that you are toting around an extra pair of shoes like my 57-year-old secretary does, you need somewhere to keep them. So, you're rocking tennis shoes AND a manbag on the way to the office. NOT COOL! I am a 27-year-old woman in a corporate job and I would die before I got caught walking to work in my nice black suit with tube socks and sneakers! It's freakin' pathetic.
All I could think about when I read this was that it seems like something David Arquette would do; it's goofy, like a knock-knock joke or the hand-buzzer gag. THE ONLY TIME this look would be acceptable is if you're Robert Downey Jr. and you're going to an awards show. Otherwise, you just look like a douche.

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Anonymous said...

Even worse are those white canvas shoes some men wear when they "go out." K-Swiss was so 90's, not to mention that your once white shoes are now off-white or spattered with beer. Not sexy.

Anonymous said...

Kills me! Its like theyre trying to remind us they got a cool, casual side too. Douche side is more like it, bud!

Alyson said...

Ive been dating this guy for a couple months now. It was one of the first really nice warm days of the spring today and dude put tevas on to walk to work in! I am breaking up with him tonight.

lizzzygirl said...

Danielle, I totally agree we should be friends.....oh wait we are bffs :)

I also have to add that a MAJOR bonerkiller in the male shoe selection is the no-laces shoe. Im not talking cool, scruffy old school Vans or slip-ons I'm talking the adjustable-slip resistant-neutral color tourist shoes. They aren't practical--they are dealbreakers.

Anonymous said...

the whole wrote this clearly lives around the block from work - or likes blisters.

Anonymous said...

I actually like wearing a nice pair of sneakers with my suit on the rare occasion of suit-wearing. I look nice anyway. How you gonna hate?

Anna said...

She said that she hates guys in grimy sneakers, not nice ones. I think you're in the clear.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Alyson...Tevas are a deal breaker!

Danielle, you're insight is incredible...hehe

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