May 9, 2010

I Love Love Love Introduction Champs

From our reader Tanya who is very pleased to make your acquaintance:
We're out for the evening and we bump into his parents' friend. Or, we're out at a movie and a buddy of his from school is seated in the audience next to us. Or, maybe we're out to brunch and the waiter is his cousin.

I'm just happy he introduced me in the first place, but what makes me glad is the way he did it; no hemming or hawing, no trying to figure out what to call me, no awkward beady-eyed glances in my direction before realizing that I'm biting my lip and waiting to find out who this random connection is.

No, he calmly gestures to me, does a quick, "Do you know so-and-so?" and then proceeds to say my name and give a brief rundown of my accomplishments like a freakin' pro. Did I realize he knew I've done all those things? No! And it makes me like him even more for paying attention to my background and taking pride in sitting here next to me.
I've never thought about this, but it is really cool when a guy takes the time to make a proper introduction. It shows not only good manners but good character, like when he rolls down his window to ask the car next to us if they have any Grey Poupon.

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Lilja said...

My boyfriend recently started introducing me, not only as his girlfriend, but his "amazingly awesome and wonderful girlfriend." That's true love right there.

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