June 14, 2010

Boxerdropper: I Will Smell Amazing On Our First Date And All Subsequent Dates

There aren't many things in life that I can guarantee with 100% certainty, but smelling good on our first date is one them. I have an array of perfumes on my vanity in pretty, colorful bottles. They have alluring top notes like magnolia, peony, and/or black violet. Some are very expensive and some aren't, but my perfume collection will knock your socks off.

I will choose one to spritz on my neck and wrists before I meet you. It won't be overpowering. It won't make you sneeze. It will be a subtle accent that you won't notice until we get very close together. And, you will love it.

You'll first sense it at the show we attend on our first date. You will lean in to tell me about how you knew the drummer of the band back when you were in college and my scent will waft into your nostrils and your brain will do backflips trying to figure out what I'm wearing.

And, when you ask me, I won't tell you. I'm gonna lie and say that I bought it in a little perfume shop when I went to Italy last summer, but really it's just a limited-edition scent from Bath and Body Works. I ain't telling you my secrets that easily.   

Your pillow will be lightly scented with my perfume and when you notice it, you'll think of me and the time we stayed in, ordered Thai food and watched Steve McQueen movies for an entire Sunday afternoon. That was rad. And, I'm rad because I smell amazing.

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