June 3, 2010

Contest Time: First One To Name Five Things That Turn Me Off About The Guy In This Picture Wins A Prize!

Email them to me at hi@shmittenkitten.com.


danatestingsite said...

1. The hair
2. The puka shell necklace
3. The barbed wire armband tattoo
4. The lizard tattoo
5. The dirty ashtray

bonus: it's Brendan freaking Frasier??

danatestingsite said...

Also, the duckface sneer?

Anna said...

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. I would've also accepted the gross Pringles can in the background too because that's just gross. Email me your address at hi@shmittenkitten.com and I'll send you a prize.

Well done!


Anna said...


Anonymous said...

The Gecko Tatto on the chest which is as equally disturbing as the barbwire tattoo on the arm.

Anonymous said...

what about the fact that he's a resurrected caveman?

(if this is that movie)

Anna said...

He can't help that he's a resurrected caveman. However, he CAN help that he has a freakin' gecko tattooed on him. EW!

Unknown said...

1) pauly shore
2) pauly shore
3) pauly shore
4) pauly shore
5) pauly shore

Unknown said...

(One cannot ignore his presence lurking just out of frame.)

al said...

1) Blast from the Past
2) Bedazzled
3) The Mummy
4) Adventure at the Center of the Earth
5) The Mummy Returns

Anna said...

Haha, Al.

Mallory P. said...

I was just going to suggest the fact that it's Brendan Fraser should be enough.

Anonymous said...

it should be

3.both tattoos
4.corded phone
5.holding the remote like a guitar

bonus- shirtless wearing ripped jeans in the middle of the day

Anonymous said...

He's a jew

Anna said...

Dude, not cool. Thumbs down.

Anonymous said...

sadly, watching george of the jungle made me sort of get hot & bothered by looking at brendan frasers body. not so much his face. he should just be naked with a bag over his head and id be a happy gal :)

Lauren said...

I think that sweet tribal arm band should count as all 5 things that are wrong with this picture

Anonymous said...

he's sitting on a crappy futon.

Lilja said...

1. Pringles
2. Weird (possibly scented) candle
3. Flabby white flesh
4. Ugly curtains
5. The way he's handling that remote control


Julia H. said...

Brendan is amused by your post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9XXaU8xnV0

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