August 14, 2010

Quick Rant: Make Up Your Mind!

From our reader Caitlin, who just wants a dude to have an opinion about something at some point.
The biggest problem in my relationship is that we can never decide what to do. Usually it goes something like this:
"What do you want to do today?"
"I don't know, what do YOU want to do?"
"I don't know, you choose."
"I always choose, you choose for once."
"Let's do whatever you want."

Ok, I get it. He wants to make me happy by letting me figure out plans for Saturday afternoon, because he things that MY choosing will make me happy. Well you know what, pal? Him choosing what to do would make me happiest of all. He should get off his lazy butt and suggest some putt-putt or a movie for crying out loud.
I dated a guy like this once. It wasn't a problem because I'm usually the one who has strong feelings about anything to do. When I'm in the mood for Bloody Marys, you better believe I'm going to suggest it. If I feel like playing quizzo, you best believe that I'm gonna ask him to come play with me. If I feel like flopping around on my couch cracking up at the Mighty Boosh, well, you can imagine what happens next.

This system worked out for us for exactly five weeks until one day I had no idea what I felt like doing. When I asked him what he felt like doing, he just shrugged and looked at me. I was like Nirvana, here I am now entertain me. He couldn't. I got bored. So, I dumped him. There were other reasons I swung the ax, but his inability to think of anything fun for us to do was Exhibit F on a long list of offenses.

The moral of the story? We really need to finish our Hunting and Snagging: A Field Guide to Dating so that this won't be a problem for people anymore. Think of the relationships we'd save! Think of the potential fun Philly could be having! This needs to happen.


typical guy said...

ok let's hypothetically say I was dating one of you fine ladies and I came up with a titanic full of mediocre ideas, would you (a) keep whacka-moling them (similar to a more real situation that is currently frustrating me) (b) keep pressing your luck with em or (C) dump me for some vapid hot guy that looks like he could be in a band? please be honest.

Anna said...

These are my only choices? What are some of these mediocre ideas? One man's mediocre idea is another woman's idea of a good time.

I need more information before I make a decision.

dateologist said...

interesting post. love your blog btw-this in my top ten dating no-no's, i just compiled a list the other day in my blog (im a blog newbie) and this shouldve been on the list! the way i have addressed this before: you choose today (NO COMPLAINTS DUDE) and ill choose next time. end of discussion. :)

teenie said...

grade A post - the only thing that is worse than the idea-less date is the one who says "no, really, what would you like to do?" at which point I make a suggestion, to which he responds "oooh, really? hm. ooookay, if you really want to..." while looking uncomfortable, and mentally calculating how long it would take him to txt his friend to call him with an "emergency".


Eric E. said...

I queried Amazon to see if your technical manual had hit the shelves yet and was shocked at what came back!

For example, the alternative title "Hunting and Shagging" returned images of razor-sharp combat knives juxtaposed with a picture of a bikinied Annette Funicello lying atop a psychedelic green-and-orange carpet. A model of innuendo, she's peeling a banana while scrutinizing a strawberry daiquiri offered by a man's bare arm, thickly matted with coarse black hair, that is reaching in from out of frame. I'm unsure as to how Amazon expects the knife to be employed in this scenario, but perhaps Ms. Funicello was planning a trip to Rio. (Obviously, I'm not entirely clear on how that's done either.)

Anyway, no big deal. Unfortunately, given my recent history, the site now suggests I might be interested in a few additional trifles, including a glossy magazine titled "Hunting and Snogging: An Unauthorized Biography of Chelsea Clinton" and a DIY kit called "Slippery Encounters." Yum!

So, great, Amazon now thinks I'm a total perv.

In other news...When's "Hunting and Snagging" coming out? Or have I already read it?

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