March 7, 2011

Shmitten Kitten Mix: Rocks Off! March Mixtape

If this doesn't put a pep in your step then you must be dead. This mix comes from our own certified Shade Flipper, Dan Kishbaugh, who was kind enough to let us repost it for your listening pleasure. Stream it below or download it here for free.

Track Listing:
1. Heavy Metal Kids - Rock 'n' Roll Man
2. The Faces - Borstal Boys
3. Hollywood Brats - Sick On You
4. Nice Boys - Dugong Along
5. Johnny Thunders - I Wanna Be Loved
6. The Cuts - Im Not Down
7. The Biters - Born To Cry
8. T Rex - 20th Century Boy
9. Primal Scream - Rocks
10. Shocking Blue - Good Time
11. Elton John - Saturday Night Is Alright For Fighting
12. Soda Pop Kids - Well Well Well
13. William Shakespear - Alright
14. Cory Gun - Lets Have A Party
Catch Dan spinning every Sunday night at Barbarella and read his blog because he's a riot.


Anonymous said...

This downloads as one track. Can you post it as a zip file instead?

Anna said...

That's how he made it so it all flows together. Sorry, bud. Is that harshing your mellow?

JP said...

I echo the zip file request, but I'll take (what I can get) the one streaming mp3. Also I just read Dan's profile and I don't know if I'm terrified or turned on. He sounds like an alternate boy-version of me aka nuthin but trouble.

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