February 28, 2012

Reader Submitted First Kiss Horror Story: Well, You Can't Say That This Wasn't Sweet

Awww! This is cute. It's from our reader Julia, who's first kiss was uh, quite a mouthful:
My first kiss was with the guy who I'd already had my first date with. We had planned that we would kiss for the first time on our 5th grade overnight school camping trip. We found ourselves sitting around a campfire later that night, sticks and marshmallows in hand, with about 30 classmates and teachers all around us (totally romantic, I know). 
He looked at me and shrugged, silently communicating his kiss readiness. I blushed, shrugged in response, and we both leaned in for our first kiss. After connecting (in complete darkness), I realized that his ENTIRE mouth was covered in slimy, melted marshmallow and that I was literally stuck to him. 
As I pulled away from his face, there was a Cruel Intentions-style sticky marshmallow string connecting our mouths. I had to actually swipe at it break us apart. We stopped kissing after that and pretty much never kissed again. 
Wow! That was like the exact opposite of a s'more. It was a s'mless! You two were basically Lady and the Tramp except instead of a slurping on the same strand of spaghetti and falling in love, you shared a stream of burnt sugar goo that grossed you both out. Bummer! Oh well. Thanks for sending this story in.

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Anonymous said...

Anna Goldfarb, will you be my first kiss?

Anna said...

Ha! Sure.

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