April 12, 2009

Break Out Your Pocket Protector, We're Having Nerd Appreciation Week

We want to shine the spotlight on nerds because they really are one of our favorite kinds of boys to date. Not to get all Jeff Foxworthy about it, but you know you're a nerd if you:
  • Have won a science fair (or at least placed in the top three)
  • Can type at least five words upside down on a calculator
  • Listen to NPR on the reg
  • Ever owned and operated a HAM radio
  • Requested a chemistry set as a gift when you were a kid
  • Can name six different kinds of dinosaurs with relative ease
  • Don't laugh at Stephen Hawking jokes (he is a genius! lay off him!)
  • Know around 75% of the lyrics to Weezer's Blue Album
  • Have a prized collection of something, be it VHS '80s horror movies, snow globes, or 7" punk records
  • Get excited when Q shows up on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Wear gray New Balance sneakers
  • Never spend more than $15 on a haircut and don't use any hair products
  • Subscribe to Wired magazine
  • Think being an archeologist would be a cool job
  • Have an opinion about Kevin Rose
  • Have had the same best friends, for like, 20 years
Nerds are sweet, attentive, and make the best boyfriends. We love 'em! On Monday, we will unveil our candidates for Philly's Hottest Nerd and you guys will vote all next week on the winner. For the next few days, we are going to talk about what kinds of nerds we love, why we love them, and why you should too. Have a favorite kind of nerd? Drop a line to hi@shmittenkittten.com and tell us what kind of nerd blows your hair back.


Me said...

Gimmie one

Anna said...

Dude, I want, like, eight hot nerds. One for every day of the week and then one to be an alternate.

Platypus Jones said...

Ok, I know this is about dudes, but I really dig the "music nerd" woman who gets lost on the way back from the bar cause she's busy talking to somebody about the new Stephen Malkmus solo record... it's the nerd's passion about their nerd forte that's the selling point... also the music nerd has no qualms about driving an hour to the Princeton Record Exchange to spend the day sifting through vinyl

Anna said...

Totally! I swear to God, I threw in a reference to driving out of town to pick out obscure vinyl but I took it out because the list was getting too long! We are on the same nerdy wavelength, my friend.

Dustin said...

I rock 8.5 of those bullet points with relative ease. Do I win a prize?

Liza said...

1. are we allowed to nominate?
2. are girls allowed to be hot nerds too?

Anna said...

1. nominations are pretty much over, as I've picked my top nerds and I will post them up today.

2. Girls can totally be hot nerds but not in this contest. I want hot nerd dudes. Bonus points for short ones, but that's just me.

rowdy said...

i'm at about a 9.5, so does that make me a nerd's dream girl? or just a nerdy girl that some jock with a nerd fetish would be into? or both?

and let's see that list already!!

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